"Biological nurturing" for infants with the neurological issues

Many appreciate the magical effect of "biological nurturing". The problem is that the infants with the neurological issues are often has difficulties with coordinating their movements on the breast. They may getting upset and nervous. But  yet, it is often the only chance to put the baby safely, and it is a pity to miss it .

We can show Mom how to stabilize the position of the infant. Tell mother to place her hands exactly as shown in the picture, and the percentage of successful  «self attachments» in your practice is guaranteed to soar.

Important: The right chest support your right hand. The left, respectively the left. Keep the child with the hand that is farther away from the breast.

1 and 2. Fingers make a sandwich or any other structure that seems appropriate to you

3. At this point rests a hand that holds the chest. This is important!

4. The bent finger supports the lower jaw, like in "dancer hand" method

5.6. Fingers restricts  the babys neck fussy movement . Very gently, without pressure, barely touching.

7 At this point it is necessary to press gently when laching. This is important.


Tatiana Kondrashova